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Coastal Collection

A crowd favourite

Our Coastal range offers a solid foundation to build any style and theming with. Its hardwood timber finish allows it to be paired with bright colours, a variety of finishes or keep it simple and stick with white.

A range that will never go out of fashion, make sure to check out the full collection below.

A staple look to any event hire catalogue is quality timber furniture full of character, that’s why we have the Coastal Collection. It has attended many a party in its day and is still going strong.

Rustic recycled timber restored and presented beautifully through a selection of dining tables, bench seating, coffee tables and bar tables. Where would we be without this collection? It’s a classic Australian wedding look that perfectly complements white florals and an abundance of greenery.

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180cm (L) × 60cm (W) × 90cm (H)
180cm (L) × 60cm (W) × 120cm (H)
200cm (L) × 300cm (W)
210cm (L) × 6cm (W) × 180cm (H)
210cm (L) × 6cm (W) × 180cm (H)
165cm (L) × 40cm (W) × 225cm (H)
110cm (L) × 40cm (W) × 225cm (H)
55cm (L) × 40cm (W) × 225cm (H)
180cm (L) × 95cm (W) × 220cm (H)
80cm (L) × 80cm (W) × 80cm (H)
120cm (L) × 120cm (W) × 78cm (H)
240cm (L) × 105cm (W) × 79cm (H)
240cm (L) × 105cm (W) × 79cm (H)
80cm (L) × 80cm (W) × 110cm (H)
180cm (L) × 60cm (W) × 90cm (H)