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Where it all started...

We’ve been getting social since 1996

Place Settings came from humble beginnings, opening in the mid 90s out of a small garage in suburban Melbourne. We started with a small selection of premium kitchenware for hire, and grew from there. Fast forward 20-something years, and our selection is anything but small. We hire over 2,500 different product lines, operate out of 3 cities in 2 countries, and have even more to come.

Our evolving business

As the name suggested, a modest offering of cutlery, crockery and glassware made for the perfect place setting.

Over the years our range progressively expanded to include functional and inspiring event furniture, leading to the introduction of our sister brand Innovative Hiring. We took things abroad in 2013, setting up shop in Dubai, the hub for events in the Middle East. Our Queensland operation followed soon after in 2015.

Place Settings and Innovative Hiring have both grown well beyond the little garage we started in, servicing an amazing array of clients and attending some of the most notable events and parties over the years.

We're in the business of all things Social

Our downtime during Covid’s forced closures gave us time to regroup and reflect on what these brands meant to us. We felt it was time our name and communications matched our quality product and second-to-none service.

Whether its tying the knot, launching a brand or reconnecting with loved ones there is one thing that we have all learnt from Covid, its that you need to flourish, thrive and prosper from any Social occasion, and we’re here to help you do that.

Enter our new brand, Social Event Hire. Bringing together Place Settings’ 20 years of experience and Innovative Hiring’s commitment to design-forward product, Social is an event hire experience like no other.

We're about to change your Social Life.
"We’ve kept the best bits and refreshed the old, bringing you a new standard in premium event hire"
Our post-covid lives.
"It's time to get Social. To enjoy the people we love, to drink a little, to dance a lot, and to throw the parties we'll remember for a lifetime"

“At social, we believe in the combination of experienced service and cutting-edge product. We maintain both the functional and the fabulous, supporting your execution and inspiring your creativity”

Social Event Hire

It speaks to what we’re all about – the art of Social gathering. We help bring people together in beautiful environments so they can connect and celebrate. Our hire makes your most important events stunning, worthwhile and memorable.

So invite Social Event Hire to your wedding, your conference, your book launch or your 50th. We’re sure to be a good value guest.

See you near the champagne,
Social Event Hire

Let's get Social

Today you can visit our team in our Port Melbourne showroom, a modern space to cultivate ideas and help bring them to life. Our smaller Queensland micro-showroom is available by appointment and located less than an hours drive from Brisbane, on the Gold Coast.

We aren’t afraid of travel. From our Melbourne and Gold Coast headquarters we can service events in South Australia, Tasmania, Sydney and even Far North Queensland.

We’re here to help from inception to concept, inspiration to layout, installation to execution. Get in touch with our seasoned team today to start  breaking ground on your next Social moment.