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Madison Collection

The Luxe Living Collection

A statement range of standout velvet pieces, every item in this collection will have your guests tongues wagging. Inspired by luxurious jewel tones, seating options include accent chairs, bar stools and ottomans in five different sizes. Ornate side table options also available.

Whether your filling a large space with a lot of colour or creating an eye catching entrance feature piece the elegant curves, sleek lines, and deep cushioning of each Madison item is a sure fire way to set the tone.

We obsess over a good colour palette - our favourite combination of the Madison range is our Dusty Pink paired with our rich Port Red. An immediate and considered clash of contrast that makes your heart warm and your guests excited!

Velvet is the kind of material that exudes lushness. With our rich colour palette and variety of ottoman sizes it can be used to add varying degrees of dimension to event spaces, weddings, or meeting areas. We use pieces from the Madison Collection in a huge amount of our styling proposals, it’s fluently chic and visually alluring.

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40cm (L) × 40cm (W) × 60cm (H)
38cm (L) × 38cm (W) × 42cm (H)
43cm (L) × 43cm (W) × 50cm (H)