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Bordeaux Collection

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Standing the test of time the Bordeaux Collection is one our very first furniture ranges that we added. No matter the setting this french provincial style of handcrafted pieces oozes opulence and romance.

Stylish and timeless beyond definition this collection has even been graced by the likes of Anna Wintour. The full setting offers everything from dining and lounge seating to bar carts, room screens and all bits inbetween.

A unique blend of antique timbers, beautiful linen fabrics and ornate curves has stood the test of time with this French provincial styled collection.
Check out the full collection below.

French interior design strikes a balance between finer detail and high-end style, introducing this look throughout your event fashions a sense of elegance and freshness that is never overstated. 

Our range of furniture comes in options of a warm natural or a more rustic taupe linen fabric, paired with the detailed timber framework, elements representative of the French countryside style. The Bordeaux Collection boasts a full array of furniture giving you plenty of options to intricately style each area of your event. 

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240cm (L) × 170cm (W)
120cm (L) × 9cm (W) × 185cm (H)
60cm (L) × 60cm (W) × 70cm (H)
120cm (L) × 70cm (W) × 45cm (H)
100cm (L) × 100cm (W) × 45cm (H)
100cm (L) × 50cm (W) × 78cm (H)
200cm (L) × 90cm (W) × 87cm (H)
59cm (L) × 78cm (W) × 45cm (H)
70cm (L) × 70cm (W) × 96.2cm (H)
60cm (L) × 60cm (W) × 110cm (H)
184cm (W) × 95cm (H)
180cm (W) × 95cm (H)
63cm (W) × 114.5cm (H)
44cm (W) × 120.5cm (H)
51cm (W) × 96.5cm (H)
70cm (L) × 45cm (W) × 75cm (H)