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Chesterfield Collection

Whiskey bar vibes

Timeless in style, rich in history and luxury the Chesterfield lounge setting is a distinctive 18th Century look, but we certainly don’t think that means it’s ‘old fashioned’. Today the traditional buttoned look has become a statement piece within many industrial or art deco styled space.

The deep mahogany coloured leather is easily paired with so many pieces in out other collections to bring to life a captivating event-scape.

Creating a whiskey bar or hosting a winter ball, let us help you bring your concept into a reality with a mood board and floor plan. 
A change in seasons and wintery weather calls for intimate gatherings and cozy settings perfectly suited to our Chesterfield collection. Explore the collection below.

The Chesterfield Sofa is an instantly recognisable piece of furniture. With bold curves and ornate gold buttoning, the deep red Mahogany leather finished in a vintage distressed look makes this collection a go to for any speakeasy or whiskey bar styling. Its rich leather and comfort have us asking the waiter for a Negroni while sitting in front of the open fire.

The assortment of seating options offers a lot of flexibility when styling various spaces. From the iconic three seat sofa and armchair, down to the grandfather of all armchairs the Wingback, and an ottoman on decorative gold wheels to round the collection out. Throw on some dark velvet throw cushions, a luxurious rug and some moody lighting, you have yourself an effortless yet sophisticated breakout space.

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65cm (L) × 45cm (H)
45cm (L) × 45cm (W) × 60cm (H)
38cm (L) × 38cm (W) × 42cm (H)
123cm (W) × 45cm (H)
157cm (W) × 72cm (H)
215cm (W) × 74cm (H)
85cm (W) × 120cm (H)
103cm (W) × 74.5cm (H)
180cm (L) × 60cm (W) × 90cm (H)
180cm (L) × 60cm (W) × 120cm (H)