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Paris Collection

Bistro style

Never going out of fashion, the quintessential Parisian style bistro furniture will transport your guests straight to the romantic streets of Paris.

Made from aluminium frames and classic woven rattan in a variety of royal colours, paired with intricately designed vintage style cafe and bar tables this collection captures the essence of the vibrant and lively cafe scene in the French capital.

Bring to life a little slice of Parisian charm at your next long lunch with our bistro collection reminiscent of the cafes and streets of Paris.

We love how effortlessly chic these pieces are and how notoriously iconic they are for anyone that appreciates the fun things in life.

We’ve chosen colours that work consistently and cohesively with so many pieces in our event hire range. So often we are asked to throw in a pop of blue or to include shades of green and the answer is our Paris Collection – it blends so well with our Sorrento dining tables or Capri bar tables, check them our for yourself.

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70cm (L) × 70cm (W) × 71cm (H)
180cm (L) × 95cm (W) × 220cm (H)
70cm (L) × 70cm (W) × 110cm (H)
70cm (L) × 70cm (W) × 74cm (H)
Blue and White
Brown and White
280cm (L) × 280cm (W) × 300cm (H)
Black and White
80cm (L) × 80cm (W) × 210cm (H)
70cm (L) × 70cm (W) × 71cm (H)
70cm (L) × 70cm (W) × 112cm (H)