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November 18th, 2021

Sun Kitchen, Australian Open

Event Production: Lightyear Productions
Styling: Marissa Wood

When Sun Kitchen does a pop up at the Australian Open, they need furniture, and we were only too happy to help.

Modern Sichuan dining meant the need for a contemporary interior and layers of lush greenery, and stylist Marissa Wood did not disappoint. A gentle nod to Chinese heritage through traditional opera masks and lanterns paired well with the use of emerald velvet and rattan dining chairs.

With concrete walling throughout the space the we loved the contrast and edge our Oslo bars gave; their timber slats give a warmth and naturalness to the space. Diners enjoyed a contemporary interior while being served one of Melbourne’s best representations of age-old Chinese fine dining.


Get the look;

Harvey dining chair, in black and cane.
Madison dining chair, in emerald green.
Harvey Sofa, with natural cushion.
Oslo Bar.
Harvey Room Screen.
Concrete Ottoman.