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Phoenix Collection

Country charm

One of our much-loved collections, the Phoenix Collection offers warm shades of naturally aged tan leather with minimalist structural design. The seating options are a perfect combination of relaxed and tranquil with style still in mind.

We’ve got a curated selection of throw cushions, rugs and occasional tables that make styling this collection effortless.

Create a sense of comfort with a cosy breakout lounge area featuring soft leathers and relaxed seating. Embody your personal sense of style with bold textures and loud prints from our range of cushions and rugs.

Accents of aged bronze framework in the tables and Butterfly chair give this collection a bit of a relaxed vibe and old charm, paired with vibrant bold prints and rugs, we love its versatility. The comfort and warmth of the Phoenix Collection creates a ‘home away from home’ feeling, ideal for breakout meeting spaces or wedding chill out zones.

Paired to perfection with our timber Oslo bars and food stations – a popular handcrafted wooden finish that is synonymous with modern architecture and interior design.

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46cm (L) × 46cm (W) × 55cm (H)
78cm (L) × 78cm (W) × 44cm (H)
55cm (W) × 38cm (H)
55cm (W) × 38cm (H)
230cm (W) × 65cm (H)
170cm (W) × 65cm (H)
180cm (L) × 60cm (W) × 90cm (H)
180cm (L) × 60cm (W) × 120cm (H)