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November 17th, 2021

Bridal Shower Styling Tips

So you have just been asked the very exciting question ‘ Will you be my Bridesmaid’ and then in dawns on you that planning that special day for your bestie or your sister is actually more stressful than enjoyable. Well it doesn’t have to be! Below we discuss our top tips when styling a bridal shower, including everything from event furniture hire to cutlery and linen, to ensure you create the most beautiful day for the bride-to be.

1. Decide if the event is going to be cocktail style or a seated meal and choose furniture accordingly;

Choosing the format of the day can depend on aspects like the venue and guest list, so factor these things in when deciding. If you decide to go cocktail, you will want to make sure you still provide enough bar stools or low seating such as couches/armchairs for your guests to be comfortable – I’m looking at you 10cm high heels! A long lunch or a sit-down dinner is a popular alternative which you can have a lot of fun styling through florals, table settings and stationery. Make sure you also include some furniture which is more casual and designed to get guests mingling. Think cocktail tables, dessert food stations or even a fun photo moment backdrop.

2. Choose your colour palette and/or theme and carry it throughout all styling elements;

When choosing a theme or colour palette, its best to choose something that you know the Bride will love. Put your personal tastes aside and focus on the woman of honour. What are her favourite colours? What is her dress style, is she modern/chic or more boho/relaxed? Once the theme or colour palette has been decided it is time to blend this through your choice of chairs, tables or lounges as well as the cutlery, crockery of napery – let your imagination go wild and remember to have fun with it!

3. Play with different textures to create depth and an organic look & feel;

Nobody likes a party that is too ‘stuffy’ or contrived. So, get creative and play with different tones and textures when choosing your furniture and decor items. Trending now – cut crystal glasses are a timeless classic and when paired with copper cutlery, which is more modern with a touch of glamour, it can create an elegant yet casual look which equals styling perfection! Another effortless way to immerse the day in colour and style can be through the use of our many linen napkins in a variety of muted and earthy tones.

We have no doubt that if you keep the above tips in mind when styling that special day for your nearest and dearest the day will be nothing short of AHHMAZING!

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